Portfolio - Highway/Roadway Project

Keller Springs - Addison Road

Keller Spring Addison Road (image)

Keller Springs Road and Addison Road (Addison Tunnel), Addison, Texas, 2007

ARS provided engineering and surveying services required to produce construction documents for the paving, grading, drainage and utility relocations necessary to improve Keller Springs Road from the west side of the Addison Road / Keller Springs intersection. All work was performed to current TxDOT policies, procedures, manuals and standards. Key elements of this project included close inter-agency coordination, traffic control and construction phasing, SW3P Plans as well as NOI documents for the submittal. The Town of Addison requested the North Texas Tollways Authority (NTTA) combine this project with the design and reconstruction of Keller Springs Road to the east. ARS Engineers’ cooperative attitude and close relationship with both agencies resulted in both time and cost savings.