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Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Transit: DART NW3

NW-3 Line

ARS Engineers is currently providing services as subconsultants to Huitt-Zollars, as part of the ACT21 Design Team, for the NW-3 Line Section. These services began in 2003 and include overall coordination and design for this project which is 4.91miles and extends from Community Drive in the City of Dallas to Valley View Lane in the City of Farmers Branch, ARS is overseeing the design and plan preparations for coordinating, analyzing, and designing various parts of the project including site visits, retaining walls, cross sections, typical sections, Dallas Water Utilities, Farmers Branch Utilities, demolition, right-of-way, and drainage analysis.

ARS, as part of the ACT 21 Design Team, is taking a lead in coordinating all civil design issues regarding change requests and requests for information forms from the contractor as the construction process begins.

ARS is currently taking over the task of plan production for street and civil site modifications due to design changes.