DFW International Airport - Southwest End-Around Taxiway

DFW International Airport - Southwest End-Around Taxiway

As part of a multi-billion dollar airfield renewal program, ARS performed topographic survey and SUE services at critical areas for the design of the DFW Airport Southwest End-Around Taxiway (“SW-EAT”). The taxiway reduces the number of planes crossing active runways and will allow passengers to get to their gates faster and effectively eliminate the potential risk of aircraft collisions. The end-around taxiway will also shorten a passenger’s ride time to the terminal after landing.

Services Provided

Land Surveying (Airside)


Project Details

The Project Includes:

Construction of an approximately 7,400 feet End-Around Taxiway

Construction of an approximately 4,850 feet extension of Taxiway E

Construction of an approximately 1,025 feet of Taxiway WQ

Construction of a high-speed exit taxiway to the west of Runway 18R

Construction of a taxiway and ARFF roadway bridge

Extension of the service road network around the end around taxiway

Realignment of the Aircraft Operation Area (AOA) fence

Runway 36L MALSR Replacement with an ALSF-2 ALS

Relocation of a 24” water main and a 24” sanitary sewer main from the project area