Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

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What is SUE?

Subsurface Utility Engineering is an engineering process that uses nondestructive geophysical investigating techniques and equipment to verify the existence, condition, and exact location of underground utilities. This information is used to mitigate conflicts, manage risks, and reduce project costs related to the risks associated with existing underground utilities.


  • Vacmaster 4000 Vacuum Truck
  • Radiodetection RD 8100 Designating Equipment
  • Metro Tech 810 Designating Equipment
  • Schonstedt Maggie Metal Detectors
  • Trimble R12i and R10 Survey Equipment

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SUE Quality Levels

  • QL-A - Provides precise horizontal and vertical location by the physical exposure of underground utilities, using minimally intrusive excavation equipment. Measurements are taken while the utility is exposed.
  • QL-B - Provides horizontal location and approximate electronic depth of underground utilities, using geophysical prospecting equipment above ground.
  • QL-C - Provides approximate horizontal location of underground utilities based on surveyed appurtenances and record drawings.
  • QL-D - Provides approximate horizontal location of underground utilities based solely on record drawings.