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What is Utility Coordination?

Utility Coordination is the process of mitigating conflicts between design elements and existing/proposed utilities. It involves documenting potential utility conflicts, meeting with utility owners, determining a recommended course of action (avoid, minimize, or accommodate), and developing utility agreements for reimbursable utilities in the project corridor.


  • Vacmaster 4000 Vacuum Excavation Truck
  • Vacmaster 3000 Vacuum Excavation Truck
  • Radiodetection RD 8100 Designating Equipment
  • Metro Tech 810 Designating Equipment
  • Schonstedt Maggie Metal Detectors
  • Trimble R12i and R10 Survey Equipment

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SUE Quality Levels

  • QL-A - Provides precise horizontal and vertical location by the physical exposure of underground utilities, using minimally intrusive excavation equipment. Measurements are taken while the utility is exposed.
  • QL-B - Provides horizontal location and approximate electronic depth of underground utilities, using geophysical prospecting equipment above ground.
  • QL-C - Provides approximate horizontal location of underground utilities based on surveyed appurtenances and record drawings.
  • QL-D - Provides approximate horizontal location of underground utilities based solely on record drawings.