DART Platform

ARS has been performing civil engineering, surveying, and SUE work in support of light and heavy rail projects in North Texas for over 20 years, including work for DART, UPRR, and KCS.

Previous Projects Include:

  • DART Cottonbelt Rail (Silver Line)
  • DART Cottonbelt Pedestrian Trail
  • DART/NCTCOG Red and Blue Lines Last Mile Connections
  • DART CBD Rail Replacement Phase 3A
  • DART NW-2 Line
  • DART NW-3 Line
  • DART NC-1 Line
  • DART OC-1 Line
  • DART OC-2 Line

Project Highlight:

DART “Cottonbelt” Silver Line Regional Rail Project

ARS is currently performing civil engineering, land surveying and SUE services in support of this groundbreaking 26-mile light rail project extending from DFW Airport to Plano. The rail line will be open for service in 2023 and will operate with 30-minute peak and 60-minute off peak service.

ARS is performing boundary surveying and metes and bounds descriptions for over 30 critical parcel takes in support for the Rail project. We are also performing over 10 miles of civil trail design for the parallel Pedestrian Trail project and SUE at over 15 Pedestrian Bridge locations.