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Municipalities throughout North Texas rely on ARS to design their roadways, water and wastewater utilities, storm drainage systems, erosion control systems and select private developments that allow their communities to live and travel safely.

Prime Contracts

Project Highlight:

ARS is currently serving as Prime consultant to the City of Dallas on two projects from the 2017 Bond Program. Services include: Roadway Design, Alley Design, Erosion Control, Grading, Flood Protection and Storm Drainage Design. ARS also served as subconsultant on 13 other projects in the 2017 Dallas Bond Program.

Independence Parkway

Independence Parkway

"ARS Engineers did a very good job with the engineering design phase that produced the plans and specifications for the $1.8 million Lauderdale-Watson Street Reconstruction project. This project was dormant for several years and ARS Engineers was able to pick it up and finish design. Construction for this project was successfully completed as a result of good engineering design work."

- Greg Ajemian, PE, CFM, City of Dallas

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